Savvy Budget Girl

Exploring 11 Strategies to Earn an Extra $100 a Day

August 01, 2023 Episode 27
Savvy Budget Girl
Exploring 11 Strategies to Earn an Extra $100 a Day
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Looking to make $100 a day in 2023? If so, then you're in the right place! In this video, I'll share top money-making tips for the year that will help you boost your income! ******Grab your free money tracker at

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Speaker 1:

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make $100 a day? Well, in this video, in this episode, we're going to talk about 11 different ways you can legitimately make $100 a day. Hello, my name is Wendy and I'm the Savvy Budget Girl, and on this channel, in this podcast, we believe in keeping your lattes. That's right. I know your lattes are not what's keeping you from reaching your financial goals, so let's keep them in our budgets. And today we're talking about how to make $100 a day. And to help me with that, I've got the blog post from SavvyBudgetGirlcom that I'm going to show you guys, and it lists 11 different ways that you can make $100 a day. And you can find the link to the blog post, if you'd rather read it or read it after you listen to this episode, in the description. The link is in the description. So let's get started the first way, and these are in no particular order, by the way. So the first way that you can make $100 a day is through food and grocery delivery. That's right. You can sign up to deliver on apps like UberEats, doordash, instacart, shipt, that's S-H-I-P-T or GrubHub. I'm a heavy DoorDash user. I probably should not admit that because delivery fees can be insane, but DoorDash is my preferred food delivery app and when I need groceries delivered I actually use Instacart. But all of these platforms need people like you and me to pick up the deliveries and actually make the deliveries. In some cases, you may be the one shopping for the items. In other cases, someone else does the shopping and then you simply pick up the order and make the deliveries. My brother does Instacart. He's an Instacart shopper and deliverer, so he actually does the shopping in the store and then makes the delivery and makes money that way, and I'm pretty sure he's making more than $100 a day. So just remember that if you do this, it will require a bit of wear and tear on your vehicle, your scooter or your bike Because, depending on where you live, you may not have to have a car. When I was in Baltimore City, I delivered food with UberEats and Postmates on a bicycle. You guys, I didn't even have a car, I used a bicycle. Baltimore is a very hilly city and let me just tell you it was not the easiest thing to do, but I was still able to make money with just my bicycle. So also another thing to note is that these services will issue you a form of 1099 during the next calendar year detailing your earnings from the previous year. Now, because I'm not an attorney or a licensed tax professional, be sure to consult one if you start one of these businesses, because you are an independent contractor, not an employee, so I cannot tell you how much to set aside, but I set aside 20% of my earnings. Like I said, you don't have to have a car. You can use a scooter or a bicycle in some cities. So just check that out and you can find the links in the blog post. The second way you can earn $100 a day is through freelance writing. If you're even a halfway decent writer, you can make money as a freelance writer and I did a whole episode on this which I will link in the show notes, but a whole episode dedicated on starting your business as a freelance writer. But you can write blog posts, podcast scripts, youtube video scripts, white papers, annual reports, online articles, newspaper articles, ebooks, print books, product descriptions so many things need to be written. You could write captions for social media. You could write tweets. You can write Instagram captions. I know someone who charges and she does not charge enough based on the conversion rate of her social media posts, but for 20 social media posts that you can put on Facebook and LinkedIn, she doesn't even charge $2,000 for the month. So if she can charge $1,750 for highly converting social media posts, you can do that too. You can blow that $100 a day goal out of the water if you can provide a valuable money making service for a business. Now, the average consumer does not need someone to write their social media posts, however businesses do. They do employ social media writers. They do employ social media managers. So this is something that you can offer in addition to writing blog posts, in addition to writing podcasts, for some things like that. If you do decide to do freelance writing, I'm going to caution you to stay off of places like Fiverr and Upwork. They seem like a good place to start because you can just put your services out there. It's pretty easy. But to make the most money, go directly to clients for freelance work and let everyone know that you are available for such work. And to find out more about freelance writing, I took a course by freelance writer and blogger, elna Kain, called Write your Way to your First 1K, and the link is in the blog post, so you're going to have to go to the blog post to get the link, but you can find more about being a freelance writer on her site at elnakaincom. So that was number two, freelance writing. Number three is also a freelance service, but it is freelance web design. This is also something where I have experience. Now, don't let the technical nature of web design fool you, because there are so many ways for you to develop web design skills. You don't. We're not talking about custom coding a whole website, because that doesn't serve you or your client. I've heard too many clients who got a custom coded website and then were beholden to the web designer every time they needed a change. I don't want to design sites like that and I'm betting you don't want to design sites like that. So you can use page builders like Elementor Divi, thrive Architect, shoeit Beaver Builder. All of these are platforms you can learn and you can create websites for your clients based on those builders, and it makes it a little easier for your client to then go in and maintain that website or hand it off to a virtual assistant or a staff member or a volunteer if it's a church, or whomever, but it makes it a little easier to hand off the project once you're done, unless they want to pay you for continual maintenance of the website. So you could design custom websites from scratch, or you can also offer setup of existing templates. So, for example, on SavvyBudgetGirlcom, the theme that is on the website is from 17th Avenue Designs. The theme cost me $49, but it would have cost me $250 for them to install the new theme over my existing content. If the site had been brand new, it would have only cost $150. So even if you're installing someone else's theme, like someone else's Genesis theme or Elementor theme or something like that, you could easily make that $100 a day Just from installing someone else's theme. You don't have to design anything. You just have to go in, install and customize Easy peasy, lemon squeezy all in telling you. So my point is that you may not have the skills today to build an entire website with custom code, because that's not even necessary. I've never done that and I charge $10,000 for VIP day. But you can learn to customize themes for bloggers, coaches, consultants, youtubers, podcasters all of these people need websites, you guys? I know a YouTuber who paid $20,000 recently for her WordPress website. The money is out there and you can charge it if you know what you're doing Okay. So let's move on to number four, which is to sell principles on Etsy. So I have an Etsy shop as well Savvy Budget Girl TV and a printable is simply a downloadable file that someone buys from you that they print on their own and they can print it at home. They can print it on office supply store. But you can sell coloring sheets, trackers, planners, word art If you really want to. You can even sell spreadsheets. You can sell those for more, though, definitely if you're selling spreadsheets online, but you can sell printable files of just about anything and if you make enough sales, you'll get your $100 in a day. I think that's pretty cool. It's a bit passive eventually, but in the beginning you're going to have to create the designs. You're going to have to market your Etsy shop. You're going to have to make sure people are aware and are able to find your products, but it is possible to make $100 a day on Etsy. Number five you can drive for Uber or Lyft. That's right. You don't have to deliver food if you don't want to. You can deliver people, which is what I used to say that I did. I delivered people when I drove for Uber or Lyft. I did those for a number of years. Beware. Well, a few things to keep in mind. I shouldn't say beware, but a few things to keep in mind. As I mentioned before when I talked about food and grocery delivery, you're an independent contractor, so set aside money for taxes and keep all of your receipts relating to maintaining and operating your vehicle as an independent contractor, because those expenses, or a portion of those expenses, may be tax deductible. Also, be sure you comply with relevant insurance laws for your state for transporting people, because some jurisdictions require you to have commercial insurance on your vehicle in case of an accident, and this is not something that you wanna skimp on, so make sure you do your due diligence. Also, there are stricter vehicle requirements for driving people. Rather than delivering food, do not buy a new car for this, but if your current vehicle is not up to par, consider delivering food or another side hustle. Now are there people who buy a car specifically to drive Uber or Lyft and that's all they do, like they do Uber Black and they do the luxury cars and stuff. Yes, but if this is just something where you need just $100 today, please do not go out and buy a new car for this. That is totally unnecessary. All right, number six clean homes or offices. Do you love to clean, or getting it tolerated enough to make $100 today? Because, if you can, there's a lot of people like me who need people to clean their homes and offices. Guys, I'm not kidding. So people like me who have physical limitations I can't clean for extended periods of time, it's really hard for me to do that but also busy professionals, seniors, businesses, et cetera so many people need help cleaning their homes and offices. You could even specialize in cleaning Airbnb's. You could specialize in cleaning tour cars, rental cars. You could specialize in cleaning up after crime scenes. There's a lot of things that you can do. Yeah, that's a business. Cleaning up after crime scenes, cleaning up after flooding or fire these are all possible niches that you can get into for cleaning. So the sky is really the limit here. But my point is that cleaning is in such a high demand that you should easily be able to make $100 in a day cleaning. Again, you'll have to secure the clients yourself, because you might not make your goal if you choose this as a job rather than a side hustle. So stand out by offering eco-friendly cleaning, apartment deep cleaning services to real estate agents and other specialized groups that can use your elbow grease, pun intended. So that was number six cleaning homes or offices or cars. So number seven pet sitting or house sitting. So in order for this to work and not be overrun by sitting for 10 dogs in a day, you'll have to narrow your potential client list to those with sizable disposable income. They don't have to be millionaires, but they should probably make close to $100,000 a year or more. You want people who can afford your services and won't try to shortchange you because their budget is too tight. I've got three dogs One is making noise right now and I cannot walk three dogs all at one time, but somebody's got to watch these dogs when I go to conferences and stuff. So whether you're house sitting or pet sitting, the point is that somebody is able to pay you to watch their stuff and that can be a very lucrative thing. And be sure to offer any upsells that can get you to your $100 a day goal. So that could be taking the pests to the vet, shopping for pet supplies, rooming, if you're licensed to do that, and where you live, you need a license to do that. Collect the mail, sort the mail, look after plants, otherwise, making it look like the house is occupied so as to deter burglars. Get creative. What is it that somebody who's going out of town for an extended period of time would need to be comfortable in letting someone else house it or pets it Like? What are all the things that you could offer? What are all the things that you would want someone to offer in order to take care of your home and your pets while you're gone? So think about those things, and that those are the kind of things that you want to offer. So, number eight become a virtual assistant. It's a very popular slide, and it is not being a secretary, okay, it is not being an admin necessarily, though. Administrative tasks could be involved, but they could be specialized tasks, such as technologically technical tasks. That's what I'm trying to say. So you could be a tech VA, you could be a podcast VA, you could be a YouTube VA. The point of it is is that you could charge by the hour or the project, depending on what services you offer. There's a ton of courses out there on how to be a VA. There are ebooks about how to be a VA. You may or may not want to invest in a course, but before you do that, do some Google research to find out what types of services VA's typically offer, how they offer them, how they structure these offers, and then you'll get a good idea of what you can offer. Which spoiler alert skies the limit. You can offer so many things as a virtual assistant. You can niche down by the type of businesses you serve or the type of entrepreneur you serve. You can also niche down by specific tasks. So either way, you can find your sweet spot in the VA community and make that $100 today. And speaking of being a tech VA, speaking of being a podcast or YouTube VA, number nine I have for you is to edit videos or podcasts. Oh yeah, because as a content creator, I learned how to do all of this editing on my own. Some I took classes on, some I watched endless YouTube videos and at times I've hired video editors and paid hundreds of dollars a month for the privilege. I don't pay an editor anymore, which is one of the reasons why I go live, but I have been both a video editor and a podcast editor, and this is, again, not the type of thing where I would suggest charging by the hour, but offer a set number of hours. If you want to offer by hour, offer a set number of hours per month, but I would actually encourage you to charge by the project. So if a podcaster or a YouTuber, for example, they charge X number of dollars and they get four videos in a month, or they get four podcast episodes in a month and you'll edit up to 60 minutes of podcast raw audio and that's what they get for the month. And if there's a month with five weeks in it, then you can work that out with the podcaster or the YouTuber. But the point is is that it's more sustainable to actually charge by the month or the project to keep someone on retainer than it is to charge by the hour, because some editing projects are very long and if you charge by the hour, the faster you get, the less money you make, which seems ridiculous because you don't want to be penalized for working faster, but you don't want to work slower, because that's not ethical either. So just don't charge by the hour. But you can definitely offer subscription based editing for podcasts. You can offer it for blog posts. Going back to our freelance writer example, you can offer it for video editing. It is entirely possible. And, of course, one last thing about determining price. Don't forget to charge adequately for your expertise and the cost of running your business, such as the cost of new software, admortizing out the cost of new equipment, new laptop, all those things. Make sure you take all those things into account when you're setting your prices, because you want your prices to be profitable. Your business needs to be profitable. You are not running a nonprofit. Ok, if you are running a nonprofit, that's a different issue, but for most of us listening to this, you are not Number 10, we are in the home stretch. By the way, if you've been getting value out of this list of ways to make $100 a day, make sure you hit that like button. If you're watching on YouTube, and make sure you are subscribed to the channel and turn on the bell so that you always know when I'm going live, so as you never miss any content. And if you're listening to the audio of this on your favorite podcast app, make sure you follow the podcast. So, number 10 that I almost didn't put on the list, because it can be a limiting thing, which is to sell items online. Maybe, maybe you sell things online. There's a lot of people, especially in the personal finance space who tell you to make money by selling things around your home. Well, that's okay until you run out of things to sell. Okay, because eventually you're gonna sell all that you can sell out of your home. So then what do you do? You have to go and actually start spending money in doing retail arbitrage, which is basically flipping items, in order to keep making money by selling things online so you could sell on Facebook, mercari, ebay, poshmark, et cetera. People who are making serious money off of these apps are doing so because they are finding items at a low cost, and even this even works on Amazon to a certain extent. They're finding items and buying them at a low cost, turning around and flipping them and selling them on these apps or these websites for more money so that they can get a profit. But again, this is something that takes a little bit more time and effort than any of the other things that I put on this list, because this is the one thing on the list that requires inventory for H2C-16. And it requires you to do a bit more background research on the items to know what's gonna sell and how much they sell, for it can be a sustainable business model if you find a way to constantly source products at a low price and then flip them for a higher price Again. This is called retail arbitrage. But if you don't wanna do that, then just sell what's around your house. If, however, you want to keep this as a long-term solution, you're going to want to look in flipping for a profit, and this is not for the faint of heart. It's just why I don't do it anymore. So I couldn't take it. And then, finally, number 11 is become a tutor. You can establish a standard tutoring route and tutors general subjects like math, history and English. But I think you'll make more money if you specialize in areas like the ALSAT, the MCAT, civil service exams, personal trainer exams, the registered dietitian exam, the exam for RNs those exams, the CFP exam, the AFC exam there's a lot of exams out there. There's a lot of specialty exams where you can offer your tutoring or test prep services that people will pay money for. The architecture one, the L-E-E-D exam that's how Pat Flynn started. He started his online business offering study guides for that exam. Now he has moved on since then. He's like the king of podcasting okay, but his first online business was selling study guides to that exam, and you can do the same thing, provided you don't infringe on anyone's copyright. But I've taken the American Council on Exercises personal trainer exam. Mcat is for getting into medical school. Nclex is for getting your RN license as a nurse or registered nurse license. So people who are looking to pass those exams are buying test prep materials, they are paying tutors, they are forming study groups, they are looking to pass this exam the first time around. Cpas the CPA exam for certified public accountant is a brutal exam. I have heard that it is harder than the FAR exam. Okay, so what you're looking for are people who can afford test prep services, whether that's you creating a study guide or you being a tutor or offering group study. But the point of it is is that the more expensive the exam, the more likely you are to be able to find someone who can afford your services. The more specialized the exam, the more you can charge. Of course, if you want to stick with K through 12 subjects, or if you want to stick with college subjects, that's good too. But even if you stuck with college courses, you could. There are nursing classes that are just specific for math, so like math from nurses? Okay, so you could tutor in that specialty subject, because, again, this is a class that they're required to take, that a lot of people need help with. So don't just think about your standard courses here. Think outside the box. Okay, there's a plethora of opportunities here. And then my bonus tip is to become a personal shopper. I included this one because it just sounds like fun to go shopping for somebody else when somebody else's money and I actually wanted to do this as a side hustle, but never did so beyond people needing groceries and food delivered. For this tip, I'm envisioning shopping for gifts, clothes, cars, other big ticket items not homes, though, obviously, because if it was a home, you would be a real estate agent. But just as you would get assistance from someone at a fancy dress shop or a suit shop, you could hire someone to do the shopping for you instead of you going to the store, and maybe you have prior experience selling cars, like I do. In that case, you hire yourself out as a car buying expert and help people save money on their next purchase while earning a commission. These things are all possible, regardless of how you choose to make $100 a day. You can be sure. There are many opportunities to do so. I only covered 12. They are 12 of my favorite, but I only covered 12 of them. But you just have to get connected with the right people who are willing to pay you to do something that they can't, won't or just don't have time to do. So if you can save people time and money, you've got a good start. That is all I have for you today. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for putting up with technical difficulties and internet being down and all that craziness Again. If you are listening to this on the podcast, make sure that you hit the subscribe button or the follow button in your favorite podcast app. If you are watching this on YouTube, make sure you have hit that like button and that you are subscribed to the channel with the bell notifications turned on. Thank you for joining me and make sure you click or tap the screen for the next video.

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